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Useful Sources and Valid Instructions

Everyone talks about online professions and businesses through people have been earning fame and money for a long time. What kind of these online businesses are? Do you know reality of such statements that I have earned more than $1000 per day or week. Actually there are many web based occupations and business through which you can earn money on regular basis. If you have decided to earn profit via such professions, then you must be equipped with relevant information, training, teaching and practices.

Nowadays SEO marketing is on the peak and it has become a compulsory thing for webmasters. First of everything you should know what is Search Engine Optimization and how this can affect online business. Usually Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive set of different skills in which SEO experts start campaigns on several highly searched and less competitive keywords. While these well searched keywords are supported with unique, high quality and informative web contents.

Both these basic things provide a grand help to SEO professionals to increase visibility of websites or pages into different famous and leading search engines like Google. Here you must be trained in all of SEO tools and techniques while you should be able to explain definition of SEO before others who do not know this well. Most webmasters rely and utilize only few efficient SEO tools like;

Ø Storeboard
Ø  Forum posting
Ø  Blog commenting
Ø  Article submission
Ø  Building links to higher Page Rank sites and blogs
Ø  Directory submission
Ø  Guest posting
Ø  Social bookmarking
Ø  Social media networking and marketing
Ø  Affiliate marketing
Ø  General SEO services and techniques to optimize visibility of sites etc.
There are hundreds of best blogs and websites where free SEO tips are available for guidance of webmasters. In fact role of such instructions is wonderful for those who do not have sufficient knowledge and awareness to Search Engine Optimization techniques. In these days ethical Search Engine Optimization has been getting more attention and popularity, because webmasters are extremely worried about upcoming Google’s updates including Panda and Penguin. These updates always hit those sites where following things and factors are found.
• Copied content
• Highly competitive and less researched keywords
• Irrelevant keywords and contents with poor grammar and information
• Copied comments and mistakes in blog commenting
• Non-relevant linking
• Spammy links to high page ranking sites
• Violation of Google’s Terms and Condition
• Nudity and pornography issues
• Excessive use of keywords in web contents that is called rich keyword density
• Unnatural links and linking on those pages where hundreds of comments already exist
• Many other unpredicted and unexpected reasons found in interface of websites or blogs etc.

Most webmasters consider link building alike to blogs and websites, while in fact there are many differences. Usually you should assemble and follow SEO tips for blog just to building links of blogs to high page ranking websites. Secondly you should also use different advance techniques and SEO tricks to promote linking of well executed websites. Actually White Hat SEO Blog is a wonderful and up to expectation assistance for those who are unable to maximizing visibility of their blogs even they have been making efforts for last many consecutive months. It would be a simple and easy thing to avoid from hitting your sites by Panda and Penguin updates that always go adverse to interest of webmasters. If you follow completely top Search Engine Optimization sites and blogs, then definitely you will get a lot of instructions and proper help to overcome keyword or web hitting.

In fact this would be a long term process to search unique and highly researched keywords with less competition, plagiarism free contents and relevant linking of web pages that have been crawled and indexed by Google or other search engines. Search Engine Optimization SEO tips have been the best measures and techniques to facilitate webmasters and SEO experts. Experienced marketers, social network experts and SEO service providers always take online assistance regarding how to link the sites and increase traffic for earning more. For this you would never find any site or blog the best except recommended and informative Search Engine Optimization Blog. Here on such trusted blogs you can either get convenient instructions or direct help regarding how to link and how much links should be done a day. If you continue linking of a single site, then definitely you can experience many kind of issues, especially the updates will go against your site. So it would be fine thing for everyone to use Search Engine Marketing SEO instead of blog commenting or concentrated link building tools.

You should also keep it into mind that many leading search engines have blocked and restricted SEO techniques, while only few search engines accept it. If you prefer White Hat techniques, then surely there will be many features and benefits which you will definitely get. It is better for everyone to find out similarities and dissimilarities between White Hat and Black Hat prior to set a campaign and start working on it. Although it is not compulsory to include some high valued tips and tricks in this article regarding how to achieve goals by linking sites with other high ranking websites or blogs. If you have created and launched a website on Search Engine Optimization services and tips, then you must follow given steps and tips. If you hire a Search Engine Optimization provider for required services, then give him the outline of SEO techniques to be done for your own site. These are;

i. Links or comments should be posted on unique URL’s
ii. You should never use sub-domains or internal pages of a single website
iii. Search Engine Optimization expert must target those site that have rich and regular organic traffic as well as high page ranking.
iv. Links and comments must be written in an understandable sense and manner.
v. Build the links relevant to your site or blog
vi. Theme based link is extremely useful and perfect for newly created websites.
vii. Do not exceed links more than 30-40 links or comments a day for a single site or URL
viii. Avoid linking on those sites where manual approval system exists
ix. You should never post comments on those sites where hundreds of links or comments on the page exist, even these have 5+ page rank.
x. Comments must contain something relevant and explained that should represent your understanding about the service or product of guest website.
xi. Search Engine Optimization SEO should be according to Google’s Policies, Terms and Conditions.
xii. In this way you will never find your sites hitting by Panda ad Penguin updates.